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SoCalGas, a Sempra Energy Utility®
  Community Notification - Playa del Rey
Dear Playa del Rey community member:

This evening at approximately 4:00 p.m., SoCalGas vented a small amount of natural gas at the Playa del Rey natural gas storage facility.

This activity occurred during routine maintenance as part of the safety process to confirm the integrity of the equipment before returning the field to service to support winter energy demand.

The release did not present a health or safety risk to the community. However, the odor may have been noticeable to people near the facility.
SoCalGas notified the appropriate state and local agencies about the release and about the odor complaints.

More than 10 complaints about area odors in the surrounding area were reported to our customer contact center after the venting occurred.  

We have completed a review of the geographical distribution of representative odor complaint locations. Based on the mapping data and wind direction, we have determined that the Playa del Rey storage facility was not the source of the odors.

For the latest news and information about Playa del Rey, visit https://www.socalgas.com/stay-safe/pipeline-and-storage-safety/natural-gas-storage-facility-notifications/playa-community-notifications
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Community Notification - December 19, 2017