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With support from SoCalGas and the U.S. Department of Energy, Caltech researchers are developing an innovative and affordable Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology that can capture CO2 from oceanwater. The Caltech team has demonstrated a lab-scale electrodialyzer capable of CO2 extraction from oceanwater at 93% purity. “SoCalGas has been really supportive in helping us move from the lab to a much larger scale,” says Cheng-xiang Xiang, Research Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science.

Learn more about this project as well as other exciting projects from SoCalGas RD&D.     WEBINAR SPOTLIGHT

We recently hosted a webinar with Dr. Mike Tucker *, a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) * to introduce an innovative metal-supported solid oxide fuel cell (MS-SOFC)
that can be used for clean power generation and electrolytic hydrogen

Visit our YouTube channel * to listen to this discussion and more.     MEET THE RD&D TEAM

We would like to introduce you to Jeff Chase *, Project Manager for Clean Transportation & Clean Generation on the SoCalGas
Research, Development, and Demonstration team. Jeff manages the Clean
Transportation Program, where he works with researchers and technology
developers around the world to advance new zero-emissions transportation
technologies. Jeff’s works on projects ranging from developing new hydrogen
fueling station components and protocols in a lab setting to demonstrating heavy
duty fuel cell electric trucks in real-world environments – such as transporting
cargo at the ports or regional package delivery.

Jeff has worked at SoCalGas for 12 years. In that time, he
held positions in Distribution Engineering, Distribution Field Services, and
PSEP before joining the RD&D team four years ago. Jeff has a Bachelor's of
Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona and is a registered
Professional Engineer in California. 

Get to know the talented individuals that make up the RD&D
Team by visiting our Meet the Team  webpage.   PRESS RELEASES

SoCalGas and Captura Begin Testing Innovative Direct Ocean Carbon Removal

The advanced technology could help remove carbon from the atmosphere and accelerate California's climate goals. The technology was recently installed at Caltech's Kerckhoff Marine Lab in Newport Beach and marks the first time the Captura system will be operating in ocean water conditions. Over the next few months, researchers will test and validate the energy efficiency costs and purity of the extracted CO2.Visit our newsroom to read more.

RD&D In the News

SoCalGas RD&D is collaborating with CalTech on a hydrogen blending demonstration with fuel cells.

The project will first generate hydrogen and then blend it into the university’s existing natural gas network to demonstrate how natural gas infrastructure can be decarbonized, while balancing energy supply and demand. Over the next few months, researchers will test and validate the energy efficiency costs and purity of the extracted CO2.This is a good example of how corporate and educational institutions can work together to further energy initiatives. By demonstrating how hydrogen can be blended with natural gas, it gives the industry a proof point in the transition to net zero. 

Visit the link to learn more *. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Yard Trucks Are Operating at the Port of LA

The hydrogen-powered Zero Emissions for California Ports (ZECAP) yard truck is showing that fuel cell technology can meet the rigorous demands at TraPac’s busy terminal at the Port of Long Beach. Funded by Cap and Trade dollars, the project led by GTI Energy * proves that hydrogen is a viable source of clean energy to haul heavy loads in a demanding 24/7 environment.

Visit the link to watch the video *. A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems, Ideanomics to build two zero-emission fuel cell electric shuttle buses

Supported by funding from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) and SoCalGas, consortium partners will develop a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric bus built on the Ford E-450 chassis and a low-floor bus built on the Ford F-53 chassis.

Visit the link to learn more *.

Recently Completed Projects

Read about all projects that were completed in the last quarter. 


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