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California has some of the world’s most ambitious climate goals, including decarbonizing its thermal and electricity energy loads. One approach to this challenge that has seen success at larger scales—such as industrial or university campuses—is the microgrid. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) are working with us and two industrial partners—Heila Technologies and InstantOn—to explore ways to achieve zero net energy in providing heat and power to residences.

Learn more about this project as well as other exciting projects from SoCalGas RD&D.     WEBINAR SPOTLIGHT

SoCalGas and Avnos recently hosted a webinar about Avnos’ innovative Hybrid
Direct Air Capture (HDAC) of CO2 technology, which produces water as it removes
CO2 from the ambient air. The result is a highly resource and cost-efficient
approach to direct air capture (DAC) that can be deployed virtually anywhere in
the world as both a decarbonization and water stress solution.

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Flavio da Cruz is a technology development project manager III for the Low
Carbon Resources team in the SoCalGas Research, Development and Demonstration
(RD&D) group. Flavio manages large demonstration projects including H2
SilverSTARS and H2 PureComp. He also works closely with researchers, startups,
national labs, universities, and more to identify potential RD&D opportunities
for SoCalGas.
Flavio joined SoCalGas in 2018 as a project engineer in the
Gas Engineering department, working on a variety of capital projects for Storage
and Transmission. He is excited about the future of hydrogen, carbon capture,
and renewable energy, all of which recently garnered support through federal
investments such as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation
Reduction Act. 

Get to know the talented individuals that make up the RD&D
Team by visiting our Meet the Team  webpage.   PRESS RELEASES

SoCalGas Exceeds State Goal for 30th Consecutive Year, Purchasing Nearly 43% of
all Goods and Services from Diverse Businesses Last Year

For the 30th consecutive year, we exceeded the California Public Utilities Commission's diverse spending goal by purchasing nearly 43% of all goods and services from minority, women, service-disabled veterans, and LGBT-owned businesses in 2022.

We are proud to serve our communities and this milestone is just one example of our commitment.
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RD&D In the News

Congratulations! – 2022 Cleanie Awards

We are honored to receive the 2022 Cleanie Silver Winner Award for Clean Energy Investment Leader of the Year. Among a field of major global companies, SoCalGas Research Development & Demonstration (RD&D) was identified as a leader in sustainable business priorities. A cornerstone of this prestigious award is the degree to which the winner’s transformations have the “potential to create positive impact at scale in their sector and beyond.”

Our employees, business partners, and community leaders are proud to be recognized by The Cleanie Awards for making a meaningful difference in our industry, communities, and beyond.

Visit the link to learn more *. H2 SilverStars – SunLine

We were onsite with SunLine Transit Agency in Thousand Palms, CA to unveil the new H2 SilverSTARS project to the public.The first of its kind technology will produce hydrogen from renewable natural gas (RNG) and help fuel SunLine's fleet of 17 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses.

The H2 Stars technology was developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and will use a combustion free process, so that it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to a conventional steam methane reforming process. Since the compact system is based on low-cost 12x1-inch, 3D-printed reactor disks and heat exchangers, it can be easily installed at fueling stations to help meet the demand while advancing climate and clean air goals. After its installation, the first STARS system will produce up to 80 kilograms of clean hydrogen a day, that's enough to fuel three of SunLine's zero-emission buses everyday.

Visit the link to learn more *. PARC Wins Award for SWAP Direct Air Capture Development Project

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is investing $38 million in 22 projects awarded under the “Carbon Management” funding opportunity that will develop technologies to capture CO2 from utility and industrial sources or directly from the atmosphere and transport it either for permanent geologic storage or for conversion into valuable products such as fuels and chemicals. Projects will examine commercial viability and technical gaps, while also examining environmental and community impacts of the technologies. 

Palo Alto Research Center, Inc. (PARC) in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Xerox Research Centre of Canada, will develop a Spiral-Wound Aerogel Adsorbent Polymer to integrate PARC’s structured adsorbent into a benchtop DAC process. SoCalGas supported this proposal with a Letter of Support and plans to participate with cash funding/cost-share of $200,000.

Visit the link to learn more *.

RD&D supported Low-Carbon Resources Initiative (LCRI) and GTI Energy through our participation with the Utilization Technology Development (UTD) program

SoCalGas RD&D is pleased to have provided support for this key research by GTI Energy * through our membership in UTD - Utilization Technology Development, NFP *, a not-for-profit scientific research organization comprised of 20 natural gas distribution company members, to lead efforts in understanding the implications of blending hydrogen into natural gas for use in conventional and advanced gas-fired equipment in buildings.
The study successfully operated common residential appliances with up to 30% hydrogen-blended fuels, with limited visual changes to flames, and found that NOx and CO emissions were flat or declined (air-free or energy-adjusted basis) with increasing hydrogen blending. Studies like this one provide insight and define opportunities and barriers to using H2 on the utility customer side.

Visit the link to learn more *.

SoCalGas and Horizon Educational Announce Partnership

Community outreach is a continuous endeavor for SoCalGas. Our partnership with Horizon Educational * to sponsor the participation of 10 school teams in the H2 Grand Prix (H2GP) season is an effort we are proud to support!

The funds will be used to support hydrogen education in Title I schools in Southern California. These schools play a vital role in their communities, serving underrepresented populations in low-income areas. The SoCalGas sponsorship aligns with Horizon Educational’s continued goal of providing all students with equal opportunities to fulfill their potential regardless of background.

Visit the link to learn more *.
New technique from U.S. national lab promises to strip carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and factories at record-low cost

Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have developed a technique that can pull carbon dioxide out of the exhaust flue of a power plant or factory for $39 per metric ton. This is the lowest cost ever reported in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

PNNL's technique removes carbon dioxide at the source rather than removing existing CO2 from the air. DAC may be necessary to combat climate change; however, this can be much more expensive than removing CO2 at the source.

This research into carbon capture technology was funded in a 50/50 split between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and SoCalGas.

Visit the link to learn more *.

Recently Completed Projects

Read about all projects that were completed in the last quarter. 


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